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Stone sander wet sanding machine
Equipment application: sheet metal stamping, laser cutting and other industrial metal industries

Photos of the inside of the device

For removing longitudinal burrs from laser cut, punched and waterjet cut workpieces.
The equipment can complete large burr rough grinding and surface drawing with one feeding. It is used for large plane sanding to remove scratches and make the surface consistent. It can powerfully remove the oxide layer on the surface of the workpiece.
Device function:

Introduction of contact roller

1. The contact roller is used for drawing the surface of the workpiece and removing the oxide layer;
2. The contact roller adopts Korean nitrile rubber roller, which has good oil resistance and corrosion resistance, and has a longer service life. The hardness of the rubber roller is confirmed according to the different processes of the customer;
3. The contact roller adopts an integral structure and can be divided into three parts (as shown in the figure below), which are seamless steel pipes with a wall thickness of 9mm, plus an eccentric shaft processed from round steel, and NSK bearings are used at the combined connection; After tempering, finishing, dynamic balancing and other processing processes, the wall thickness of the steel pipe is guaranteed to be 7mm thick and the left and right balance error is ±0.02mm. Finally, it is fixed to the equipment through the bearing seat. This method can largely eliminate the partial sand leakage.

4. Pneumatically controlled eccentric contact roller, which can be lifted and lowered independently. When the equipment fails, the contact roller will automatically rise to protect the sheet from damage;
5. The pulley integrated roller enhances the overall balance;
6. During the working process, the contact roller can be operated forward and reverse according to the actual situation, and one-key adjustment is convenient and quick;
7. The damping abrasive belt deviation knob is used to adjust the abrasive belt deviation, and the operation is simple and convenient;

8. Special customized tensioning cylinder with large bore and high stability;
9. Abrasive belt correction device
 South Korea Autonics photoelectric switch is used to control the swing of the sand frame of the equipment, so that the equipment runs more stably;
10. The contact roller adopts Japanese NSK bearing, which is characterized by low friction, strong rigidity and longer service life;
11. The linear speed of the contact roller is: 3-16m/s frequency conversion speed regulation;
12. Abrasive belt break protection, when the abrasive belt breaks, the equipment will automatically stop running to protect the equipment from damage

Conveying device

1. Adopt heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant thickened conveyor belt, with high elasticity and high strength;
2. Conveyor belt deviation correction device, conveyor belt edge detection, cylinder execution, to prevent conveyor belt deviation;
3. The vacuum adsorption worktable is used for processing thin plates and small workpieces;
4. The height of the working table is positioned by the magnetic scale, which makes the positioning more accurate;
5. Workbench height: 0.5-60mm;
6. Conveyor belt frequency conversion speed regulation 0.5-5m/min;
7. Use German Dailer K series reducer;

Water circulation system

1. Adopt 304 stainless steel water circulation system;
2. Double sealing structure, not easy to rust, longer service life and more stable performance;
3. Precipitation type three-stage separation filter water tank;
4. The positive pressure blowing function is adopted to make the equipment more stable.
Accessories brand

1. Low-voltage electrical appliances: Korea LS
2. Contactor: Siemens, Germany
3. Touch screen: MCGS
4. PLC control system: Taiwan brand
5. Inverter: Taiwan brand
6. Photoelectric switch: Korea Autonics
7. Solenoid valve: AirTAC Taiwan
8. Reducer: German Dailer K series reducer
9. Main motor: domestic motor
Technical parameters

Model WS63R-R WS100R-R WS130R-R
Effective processing width 630mm 1000mm 1300mm
Processing thickness 0.5-60mm 0.5-60mm 0.5-60mm
Contact roll speed 3-16m/sFrequency 3-16m/s Frequency 3-16m/s Frequency
Transfer speed 0.5-5m/min Frequency      0.5-5m/min Frequency      0.5-5m/min Frequency     
Contact roller motor power 15kw*2 22kw*2 30kw*2
Worktable lift motor power 0.55kw 0.55kw 0.55kw
Pump motor power 0.75kw 1.1kw 1.1kw
Transmission motor power 3kw 3kw 4kw
Total motor power 34.3kw 48.65kw 65.65kw
Contact Roller Belt Specifications and Dimensions L1900*W650mm L2000*W1020mm L2200*W1320mm
Contact Roll Configuration Ø190mm Eccentric rubber roller Ø190mm Eccentric rubber roller Ø240mm Eccentric rubber roller
Equipment protection system

1. The ammeter is used to monitor the starting current of the equipment and play a protective role;
2. Pneumatically controlled eccentric contact roller, which can be lifted and lowered independently. When the equipment fails, the contact roller will automatically rise to protect the sheet from damage;
3. Belt break protection, when the abrasive belt suddenly breaks, the equipment will automatically stop running to protect the equipment from damage and ensure personal safety;


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