Furniture Packing Machine L Type
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Technical Parameters
  Length mm Width mm High mm Power      Power
 Air source   information
FXJ-2500/900 2500 900 30-250 6kw 380V/50HZ 0.6-0.8Mpa

The quality of the carton requirements:

1. The type of carton (geometric fold) : FEFCO0410

2. Paper cutting size tolerance :  ±2 mm

3. The cardboard punching tolerance: ±2 mm

4. The board stamping/cutting position tolerance : ±2 mm

5. The tolerance: the biggest 0.05 ° (straight  between length and width)

6. Different quality of cardboard are likely to affect the machine performance, processing and production efficiency



1. Used for model FEFCO0410 carton sealing

2.In the process of continuous sealing, sealing the package does not stop

3. The bottom of the folded cartons in advance

4. Packing direction: unilateral action

5. Applicable to large operations


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