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加工尺寸 Timber lengths to be measured:

进料长度                            min./max.                     80 -2500 mm Ingoing lengths

进料宽度:                         min./max.                           20 – 250 mm Ingoing widths

进料厚度                            min./max.                             4 – 150 mm Ingoing thicknesses

材种Timber species:



进料速度(无级变速)       max.                                    100 m/min. Feed speed infinitely adjustable

工作高度                                                                            900 mm Working height

装机容量 Connected loads:

电机功率Electric connected load                                          approx. 4 kW

电压Operating voltage                                                         380Volt / 50 Hz (C/s)   电压波动Voltage variations                                                  max. 5 %

基本色Basic colour                                                             蓝/灰       orange/gray

安装尺寸 Install dimension                                                  12.5M(L)*1.3M(W)*1.8M(H)

使用环境 Working environment:

工作温度 working temperature:                         -5°C – 45°C

工作湿度 working humidity                            20% – 85%                        客户需配置 To be provided locally:

1.        连接电器柜的电源  Electric power supply to switch cabinet

2.        稳定的供电(电压波动最大5%)Constant power supply (voltage deviations max 5%)

3.        熟练的操作和维修人员 Skilled operation and maintenance personnel

4.        必要的平台、楼梯及舷梯等 Platforms, stairs, gangways if necessary

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