Strengthen your market position by consistent application of your corporate design and differentiate yourself from the competition. Create a unique “look” to secure after-sales business and reduce product liability risks with an unfalsifiable appearance.

Using a patented production method, AIRDUC® and PROTAPE® hoses can also be coloured in the bead area according to your specifications. Compared with completely coloured hoses, the partially coloured design makes the impression of a significantly more flexible, lighter product. Moreover, as with transparent hoses, it is possible to observe processes directly.

Distinguish your business with the following advantages:

  • Consistent implementation of corporate design principles
  • High quality, more professional appearance of the hose component of the machine and thus the overall product
  • Improved smoothness of the hose interior and optimized design using a patented manufacturing process
  • Increased security of after-sales business through a unique ?look?
  • Lower product liability risk through unmistakable marking and appearance
  • Partial colouring enables the process to be observed
  • Compared with completely coloured hoses, this design impresses the user as a significantly more flexible, lighter product
  • Less costly to produce than fully coloured products and only slightly more expensive than transparent hoses
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