High Frequency Lamination Board Machine
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High Frequency Heavy Wooden Board Joining Machine

Adopts crawler type charging and discharging, clears glue easily, and joining board of unlimited length.

Haevy machine frame, stable performance, better plainness, sanding amount only 0.5mm, high timber percentage of output.

Labor saving: One person can operate it, more efficiency.

Intellengce: Touch screen huamn-machine interface, automatic fault alarming and remind of fault position and reasons.

It can automatically remind or set technology technical parameters according to board specifications and wood species.

Built in electric version instruction, it is convenient to view, especially for the new staff training.

It is suitable for integrated board, container floor, and various kinds of specifications plate splicing.

The high frequency joining machine was invented by ouselves, which could join the length of 6 meters board, good in flatness, high efficiency.

Hihg frequency heavy wooden board joining machine production line of CNHF company compares with other board joining machine, which can save 50-100 cbmraw material for users in each production line every year, and bring rich investment return.


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